Wednesday, September 23, 2009

National Film Board Project

So exciting news! I've just finished work on a NFB short entitled "Little Thunder". Little Thunder is inspired by the Mi'kmaq legend, "The Stone Canoe" and is a 2 minute short that will air on APTN in February as part of a program to coincide with the 2010 winter Olympics.

I worked as Animator and Assistant Director on the film and I am very pleased with how the film turned out. The artwork for the Little Thunder is derived from the paintings of Alan Syliboy, a Mi'kmaq artist from Millbrook, Nova Scotia. Alan will be holding an exhibit of some of his work this weekend in Truro with the world premiere of Little Thunder taking place at the shows opening. If you are in the area this weekend I invite you to stop by and check it out.

For more information on the film and the exhibition click on the image above and for directions click here.

The opening was great. We had about 150 people in attendance. The screening room had about 75 seats to so we ended up screening the film a few times. The film is now screening as part of Alan's exhibit which will be on display until October 31, 2009. If you are in Truro over the next month be sure to stop in a check it out.