Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Paper Craft

I take my wife to the mall photo booth every year on our anniversary (romantic I know). Last year I made paper craft versions of us for her gift, along with a paper craft photo booth, to boot. I modified the Paper Dude Template from custompapertoys to make the paper versions of my wife and I.

I then designed and created a template matching the scale and style of the figures, from which I constructed the photo booth.

I really enjoyed working on this paper craft and I will be working and posting more examples in the coming weeks.

Update: I am no longer updating this blog as I have moved to my new website cardboardtreehouse.com I'll be adding new paper craft, illustrations, animation, and other offers on the new site. Feel free to pop over and have a look around. Thanks for your interest in my work.


CarolineJarvis said...

awwww that's sooo cute... I want a figuring of me making out with some dude in the photobooth and a to-scale 3 pic print out of the big makeout.

Brendan Body said...

Hey Paton, Thanks for visiting my blog.

Great Santas, I'm looking forward to more!