Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stop Motion Reel

Here is a reel of some stop motion animation I did on Poko and Lunar Jim. I had so much fun doing this stuff. One of the biggest challenges was on the Poko indoor sets we weren't able to use tie downs. We used rigs and magnets to keep the characters from falling over. Once again this is the raw animation with temporary audio, no rig removal or colour balancing. Music is Bugle Call Rag by Benny Goodman.


CarolineJarvis said...

So does my class!!

Paton said...

Thanks. I hope that you had a good trip and that your class is treating you well. Otherwise...(you can't see but I'm angrily waving my fist.)

Anita Hovey said... didn't say you worked on POKO ;) Great stuff...this was a favorite for my girls until they outgrew it.

Paton said...

Poko was so much fun to work on. I'm glad your girls like it.