Sunday, February 13, 2011

be mime pop-up card and free template

So just incase you haven't gotten to the card store yet and you have access to a computer and you have some card stock handy (I mean who doesn't have tons of card stock in their house?) here is a few snaps of my "be mime" pop-up card.

I've also included a template of the card that you can print out and do. NOTE: This is a free template for personal use only. It may not be reprinted for any commercial use or for profit.

I think the directions are clear and it should be pretty straight forward to do. If you have any questions just drop me a line. My contact info is on my profile page.

Happy V day to one and all. More goodness coming soon.

Update: I am no longer updating this blog as I have moved to my new website I'll be adding new paper craft, illustrations, animation, and other offers on the new site. Feel free to pop over and have a look around. Thanks for your interest in my work.


Lyne St-Jules said...

That looks so cool. I like the play with words.

Paton said...

Thanks Lyne. Hope all is well with you. How have you been keeping yourself?