Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

This is my pop-up paper card I made for Valentine's Day. Another fun little project. I'll make the template available here later today. For now, here is a little video.

Update: I am no longer updating this blog as I have moved to my new website I'll be adding new paper craft, illustrations, animation, and other offers on the new site. Feel free to pop over and have a look around. Thanks for your interest in my work.


Jared said...

cute. nice job. that would make a good product to sell.

Paton said...

Thanks Jared.

I'm looking to do some stuff on etsy in the upcoming months. I'm also developing some material to see what how far I can take the pop up/papercraft thing. I've got some fun things planned.

I see that you are keeping yourself busy as well. Good stuff. Thanks for stopping in and for commenting.

Willy Ashworth said...

Got to hand it to really put your heart into it!!

Nice to see you posting more regularly

Paton said...

Thanks Willy.
I'm making an effort to post at least once a week from now on. I'm working on a new website that will act as more of an online portfolio but I think I'll keep the blog going as well.

Be seeing you on the interweb.